The First Day

I have a question for Mr. Skonecki. How was your first day with the new system, and how did Adam do. He probably didn’t tell us. Anyways I was being nice and asking how your first day was, and yes I walked by your house again. By.


Monday Night Football

Yesterday I had my first j.v. football game. I am a starting running back and backup quarterback on offence and starting inside linebacker on defense. I am very good at all of my positions. If you ask my dad on the other hand he’ll say I suck. He has also said we are the new “London Silly Nannies (Family Guy).” The score was 44-12. Yes we lost but we did better than the varsity team. They lost 61-0 and 59-12. I ran for about 15 yards out of my 6 runs. On defense I had one tackle and one fumble recovery. So in the end I did alright for my first time playing theses positions. Post to you tomorrow.

Wednesday’s Word of the Day

I know it is a day late but Wednesday’s word of the day is Protean.

There is a protean quality about Sean today.

Brought to you by

First Day of High School

The first day of high school is tomorrow and I’m not as nervous as many people would be. I already know the school from being there occasionally for field trips, shadowing and camps. Although I don’t have many friends there I have already made a few. I think it helps that I went to the speed, strength and conditioning class and I’m in football. I know this a short post but it is time for me to go to bed. So good night and I will post tomorrow.

My Last Blog Post

Yes, the time has come. School is ending and so is my blog. I might have random post every few weeks but the weekly blogs are ending. Thank you for all the support. If i didn’t get all the followers that I have now I probably would of stopped if my teacher let me. Here is one last video for all you people.

Before I leave lets have  sexy party.

P.S. Mr. Skonecki why didn’t you get anchovies on one of the pizzas.

It’s Friday!!!

Today we have the five worst celebrity first pitch’s in MLB.

Free invitation for my baseball game tonight. It starts at 8:00. I will ply at Wilson Park, field 1. It is the field in the back. The game will end around 10:00. Thank you and goodbye.

Moving My Aunt

Yesterday night I was helping my aunt move her stuff into a storage locker. We saw almost everything last night. All we needed to see was a dead body or here some banging on a storage door. So on to the stories.

We were moving a huge recliner and this older dude drives in with a Porsche 911(1). We just stopped what we were doing and watched and laughed. So he parks His porsche and pulls out of his storage locker a soccer mom car(2). Out of nowhere my grandpa (JJ’s dad) bursts out into laughter. We were thinking that either is the new James Bond, or he is hiding something from his wife, like he could be cheating on his wife or she doesn’t want her to know that he even has that car. That would be funny.

The second story is that a bunch of people come in a minivan with a little white dog. They open their storage locker and out comes a sprint car(3), along with an A.T.V. Story number three. My aunts bike is pink(4) and JJ likes to ride it. He has the front of his shirt on top of his head so his chest and belly are showing. The weird part is he is singing Tip Toe Through The Tulips(5) in the highest voice he can. He called himself a gay Pee wee Herman(6). I had to deal with gay Pee Wee Herman for four hours strait. Now I’m mad because I never got my Leons that my aunt was supposed to get for me. Before I start raging at the computer I will end this post.